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Pomme - 6% ABV - modern cider
Our stock modern dry cider is made from a blend of eating apples, generally Kanzi, Granny Smith,Fuji and Gala, as well as a small percentage of heritage cider apples. This cider is a cloudy pale coloured cider, with a fresh apple note to it.  As it smells sweet, it slightly messes with you head as it is a fully dry cider and finishes crisp.
Food Match pick - seafood and Thai

Not so Pomme (un-named at the moment) - 5.5%??
the sweeter version of the Pomme above, its unnamed and currently in production.  Probably not available for a few months

Ginger apple - 8% ABV - modern cider
Our ginger apple is one of our most popular stocked items.  Based on the pomme, is it co-fermented with a homemade ginger syrup made from ginger, juniper, rosemary, cinnamon and more, resulting in a very clean cider with a good ginger hit.
Food Match - none, it's great to drink by itself.

Kingston Black - 7% ABV - traditional English Cider

The Kingston Black bitter sweet cider apple is considered to be one of the premier cider apples used worldwide.  This cider is made from a blend of heritage cider apple, but predominately the Kingston.  It has been finished off as a dry-medium still cider.  Good tannins and and thick syrupy mouthfeel.  This is a true English cider, dark caramel in colour and with a butterscotch aroma.
Food Match - roasts, pork dishes.

Naughty Nanna - 6.5% ABV - traditional English CIder
Naughty Nanna is named after one of the 3 Sons grandmother whom passed away unexpectedly this year.  While she wasn't a huge cider fan, she loved the fact the boys got so involved in wanting to help me - mainly by drinking the freshly pressed juice! NN is a well balanced medium sweet moderately carbonated cider, honey in colour with a complex nose and mouthfeel.  Finishes very cleanly on the palate,
Food Match - most cuisines will pair well with this cider.

Cider Workshops
We run workshops on how to make cider.  These are conducted during apple season - roughly March through to April - and again during spring when the apple blossom is out.  Cost of these workshops is minimal.  Please see the 3Sons
Facebook page for more information on upcoming courses.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Made from the English Bitter cider, and a Fuji cider, this vinegar has been slowly undergoing the acetification process for the past year.  It has mellow acid qualities, sitting around 3.4 pH.  It has been coarse filtered to remove large chunks of the mother.  This vinegar has not been pasteurised and contains natural vinegar mother.