In Bottle at the moment:

Pink Lady 8% ABV

Pink Lady apples are an unusual beast when it comes to cider.  When they are fermented out fully, the cider itself carries very little of the aroma and flavour that makes up the great eating apple that a Pink Lady is.  We have added  about 10% cider apples to help carry through the apple flavour, and it has been filtered out to remove the yeast, leaving a semi dry cider. 

Cloudy Cherry 7% ABV

*Limited stock* This cloudy pink lady and sweet cherry cider is currently aging and will be available in December. Made with Pink Lady apples and fresh de-stoned cherries, it is a lovely light pink colour, with a wonderful cherry aroma.

Someset 8% ABV

This is a general mix of wild picked apples including some awesome bitter sweets from near Murrumbateman, and cider varietals.  These are improved Foxwhelp, Kingston Black, Michelin, Bulmers Norman, Browns, Golden Harvey, Tremletts Bitter, Brown Snout, Yarlington Mill, Frequin Rouge, Stokes Red, Dabinett and Cimetiere de Blangy.. This cider is dark, tannic and true throw-back to traditional English ciders

Champagne méthode traditionnelle 8%

This will is a riddled champagne style cider following méthode traditionnelle bottle fermentation.  Apples used in this bottle are Kingston Black, Sweet Coppin, Somerset Redstreak, Michelin, Bulmers Norman, Frequin Rouge and "The Sutton" (a lovely apple from near Sutton that is being grafted its that good) While this in in bottle, it is not currently available as it is aging.  Should be available in December.

All of our ciders are initially treated with S02 to kill any unwanted bacteria that may be present.  After fermentation, only trace levels remaining in the finished product.

We also run workshops on how to make cider.  These are conducted during apple season - roughly March through to April - and again during spring when the apple blossom is out.  Cost of these workshops is minimal.  Please see the 3Sons Facebook page for more information on upcoming courses.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Made from the English Bitter cider, and a Fuji cider, this vinegar has been slowly undergoing the acetification process for the past year.  It has mellow acid qualities, sitting around 3.5 pH.  It has been coarse filtered to remove large chunks of the mother.  This vinegar has not been pasteurised and contains natural vinegar mother. 

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