John Downie Crab - Grown

Great pollinator, and adds tannins to cider

Verite - Grown

A lovely sharp French cider apple

Michelin - Grown

French originated bittersweet cider apple.

Granny Smith - Grown

Classic Australian eating apple.  High in acid

Yarlington Mill - Grown

Considered to be one of the premium bittersweet cider apples, it is tannin heavy

Cremiere - Grown

Heritage French cider apple that makes bitter sweet juice

Jonathan - Grown

Classic eating apple. Good pollinator

Stokes Red - Grown

Bittersharp cider apple with a lovely aroma

Peasgood Nonsuch - Grown

Very large eating/cooking apple from England.

apples that we grow and use in our cider


A zesty eating apple

Sweet Coppin - Grown
A sweet cider apple

Somerset Redstreak - Grown

Bittersweet soft and fruit cider apple

Bramley - Grown

An English cooking apple, it is a lovely eater as well

Kingston Black - Grown

Bittersharp cider apple, but lower in acid.  Great apple, probably my cider favourite.

Pink Lady - Grown

Also known as Cripps Pink, this eater originated in WA

Sturmer Pippin - Grown

An all round apple, can be used for eating, cooking and cider

Fuji - Grown

Sweet and tasty eating apple

Wild tree

Just one of the wild trees I pick around the region. Great tasting apple

Dabinett - Grown

Bittersweet cider apple


Versatile eating apple.  Makes good juice

Breakwells Seedling- Grown

Bittersharp, self fertile heavy cropping tree


Bulmers Norman - Grown

Bitter sweet cider apple makes large volumes of juice/kilo, but rough in taste

Improved Foxwhelp - Grown

Bittersharp cider apple that is a great blender

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